Noise in Headphones / Monitors when PC-Mouse is moving

  • Hi there,

    dunno whether anyone else has experienced this problem (and posted here about it) but here is what bothers me:

    When KPA is connected to PC (Rig Manager running) via USB (tried 4 different cables, no change noticible) and I move the my mouse I can here some noises in my headphones or monitors. Only as long as the mouse is moving! Moving -> noise, not moving -> no noise. If Rig Manager is off, there is also no noise when mouse is moving. When I play guitar I naturally don't move the mouse but when I am edititng recorded tracks afterwards this noise bugs the cr*p out of me. I know I can simple turn off Rig Manager but it would be cool if everything worked the way I wish to.

    Mouse is a Sharkoon Drakonia (wired), Mainboard is a MSI B360 PRO-VD, if that helps...

    Has anyone (had) the same problem with their gear and how can this be prevented?

    Thx in advance. :thumbup:

  • Agree with Kempermaniac. Sounds like a computer issue rather than a Kemper one.

    I had a similar issue with a gaming rig. I plugged my headphones into the front jack and that means it was too close to some component and got a ton of noise when I moved my mouse. Plugging into the back jacks solved it.

  • Kempermaniac : Forgot to mention, but of course I tried this as well. I even tried all the USB slots with every single of the four USB cables. I don't use a USB-hub. Just the slots of the mainboard itself.

    Sixstringedmatt : I agree with you that it is rather a problem with the Mainboard, maybe it is not grounded properly?

    I did not try the two front USB slot, I got to admit. But since my KPA should always be connected to the PC I don't wanna have tons of cables hanging around in front of the PC....

    I think I will try a different PC. Thx so far for the help!

  • If your mouse uses a USB Bluetooth dongle, plug this in at the back of the PC - not the user accessible ports at the front. These are prone to interference

    Edit: Sorry, just read your mouse is wired. Try another mouse ?