Gain disappeared after mode switching

  • Both modes are independent from each other. Maybe you have different input settings? Also keep in mind that if you edit a rig in one of the modes it will be not updated in the other mode.

    I could have farted and it would have sounded good! (Brian Johnson)

  • More about situation:

    There’s performance with 5 rigs (some of them 2 or 3 relatively gained), in browser I can play whatever (not rig from performance).

    Input sensitivity locked in browser only.

    I can switch there and back 2-5 maybe more times and everything is ok.

    But one day after switching there is no more drive.

    Reboot helps yet.

    But.... two years it was different ( no issue - I mean)

  • Hi, I experienced something like this last night at band practice.

    I was using my unpowered toaster in performance mode, and the only thing I touched was the buttons on the remote.

    Suddenly, when I switched to a different performance for a new song, all gain was gone, and the signal sounded completely dry.

    A little out of place, when I expected a glorious, saturated Soldano lead tone :)

    I tried switching rigs and performances but everything sounded like this.

    In the end, I rebooted and the problem was gone ?(

    I'm on 7.0.9 firmware.