The BEST profiles...

  • Ok people, what are your top 5 profiles? I'm looking for some recommendations. My number 1 right now is the Morgan AC20 profile by rmpacheco (rmpacheco looking forward to hearing what you profile next!), also enjoying the Andertons Cornford and a few of the stock rigs.

    What else do people recommend?

  • Hello there!
    Unfortunatelly i havent had the chance to dive into my kemper just yet, but so far i recommend and advise you to check some of the bad cat profiles. I found one i REALLY like with a bit of tweaking and i hope you find it helpful as well. However im gonna need to check back which one it is specifically but theyre not many so far (as far as i know) so it shouldnt be hard to find.

  • Hi!

    Depends a lot on your guitars and how you play. If you like that Morgan, try Feck and Reznor's profiles or Kemper AC30 Top Boost/Royer R121. Don't discard any profile without testing different settings for eq, definition, presence, ... Adding the effect called "studio eq" (or something like that) after the amp section can bring to life a lot of profiles.

    Don't discard stock profiles, like that AC30.


  • all I can say is i've recently tried really really hard to rationalise my sound bank down, and i've still got over 200, its in a recent folder posted under a separate thread, my ears are bleeding, but I will have a look when i get home and see if its possible to isolate 5 heroes (maybe10!!), this is just such an amazing machine

  • Kemper JMP77 profile is my favorite of all. I own a 78 Marshall which is modded and the Kemper gets me to the same tone!

    Really though TONS of fantastic profiles. I take a pick for the day and stay with a few.

  • Since i am more into metal some of my favs are (without any order):

    YJM and Splawn Nitro by Tony McKenzie
    VH4 by Christian Vedder
    Poundcake by Daniel Sosulski
    PT Marshall 72 by Pete Turley
    5150 by Keith Merrow
    JMP 2203 by Erik Stamm
    JCM800 (Axe-FX) by Milla
    ENGL Morse by Randy Rock
    Earforce by Moa
    E530 by Johnson DU
    Diezel Herbert by Markus (musicmountain)
    AFD by Andy Mitchell
    Vibrolox 2 x 10 by toneclone

    Many thanks to you guys and all the others i forgot...

    Most of time i end up using my 1960 015 or one the Rectos in the 050 to 060 range.

    Have fun!!!

  • Absolut favorits:
    1. Splawn 3rd Gear by Randy Rock (Metalcore Riffing aka KSE)
    2. Splawn Nitro by Tony McKenzie (Same)
    3. AFD 105 (Pure Rock)
    4. All Ola presets (Down tuned head banging)
    5. Morgan Ac 20 (from sweet clean to old school rock)

  • I was doing a demo for a studio owner yesterday....well, he was playing guitar, all I was doing was sitting in front of the Kemper and scrolling through Profiles/rigs, monitoring through a pair of top of the range Genelecs which cost the same as a second hand little Opel Corsa in South Africa....but thats another story :D

    So he says to me, just show me your favourite Profiles.
    I thought, OK, that's easy enough.
    The problem is, I have about 450 saved rigs with my initials "LW", accumulated over the last 5 months.
    Every time I'm playing a Profile I do a few very quick tweaks and then store with the "LW".

    We only had an hour or so to mess around.
    We didn't even make it past the first 25 rigs, in fact we didn't even make it to some of my favourites.
    One of the first rigs is the Kemper Amps AC30 Top Boost...he's not an AC30 fan, he's a Les Paul into Marshall man.
    We could have stayed on the Top Boost for the hour, especially after I added a chorus and he finger picked the intro to a Boston song I haven't heard in years and can't remember the name of right now. :D

    Next came the Bad Cat (Kittie) Profiles...there's a gainy one amongst those, totally killer.
    The Matchless Chieftan (The Chief) then had him smiling big time...that was until I blasted him with one of the Engl's, the "Morse"...lovely stuff.

    Most guitarists I know for some reason aren't big fans of Mesa Boogies, including my buddy, that was until I landed on a few of my Andy Innes Roadking rigs with Tills cabs...basically he said, that's my go to Marshall tone right there, and we hadn't got to the Kemper Marshalls yet. :thumbup:

    I then landed on the bunch of the Tills Profiles, about 12 of them in a row on my KPA...well, hard to choose, they all sound amazing.

    Next in line as I was scrolling was my buddy the very special RadleyHadleySadlyMadlyGladly Hockensmith Gibson Lancer with a few Till's cab variations. :D
    When you play the Kemper (unlike any modeller I've ever played before) YOU KNOW when you've hit one of those SPECIAL amps, you just feel and hear/feel something you've never quite felt before.
    This is one of those amps, with some mojo in it's history.
    This got us talking, cause I said to my buddy, do you know who's Profile this is, I said Hadley Hockensmith.
    My buddy said, what a coincidence, I was watching a Neil Diamond concert a few nights ago with a client I have to record and there was Hadley on stage playing some incredible stuff.
    I said, well, this is Hadleys Gibson Lancer...and man does it sound killer, and "different" and "special".

    By the time I got to the first of the Marshalls, which is what he wanted to hear in the first was the Golub JCM800, a great Profile, but time was almost up.
    We'll have to continue on another day.

    I was more confused now as to my favourites than before we started.