Two questions regarding Kemper Support and Stage

  • 1. Is there a better way to contact Kemper other than this form ? I've submitted two support requests about my broken Stage over the past two days and have yet to receive even the typical courtesy "we got your email" response.

    2. Is the Stage a lemon? Honest question. I'm nervous about selling my rack if this thing turns out to be a POS. I vastly prefer the form factor of Stage, but after 10 minutes of using it, one of the switches died. Googling turns up other users with the same problem. Apparently Kemper will RMA it and get me a working one, but are they actually replacing these buttons with less failure-prone ones, or are Stage owners just waiting for inevitable failure of poorly made switches? How long does Kemper warranty their hardware?

  • Check your junk mail folder. Kemper always sends an automated response, so you should have that at least.

    Early hardware units can have issues when suppliers of parts, for instance, do early runs on new lines; that's just how things often pan out in the real world. Whether its this or some other reason, it matters not 'cause Kemper prides itself on its reputation and therefore won't rest 'til its customers are happy.

    A good example would be the LED-failure issue from way back in the very-early days of the Toaster - turned out it was the supplier's fault IIRC, and all LED's were replaced and very few have failed since. I can't even remember the last time I heard of this happening.

    So bottom line, I wouldn't worry, mate. Definitely not!

    Oh, and you asked about hardware warranty - 3 years AFAIK, but even beyond that point customers find the Kemper service very-fair at least, if not downright generous.