Kemper crashes when importing IRs

  • I tried to import some Ownhammer IRs to the Kemper (OS 7.0.9) with an USB stick. Everytime I push the import button, it looks like it would start to import, but after a few seconds, the kemper just shuts down with a weird looking message.

    Anybody else here who got these issues? Unfortunately I do only have this one USB stick (it was formated by the Kemper), so I cant check if another one would work.

  • Marcel, truncate the IR titles to less than 32 characters in length before converting them.

    The Kemper will add the current date and time to the titles when you import them, but the component of the name that must be 31 characters or less long is the part you type.

    They should all import properly once you've done this.

    If they don't import, consider reducing the number of Rigs you have onboard if you have a lot installed. Same thing applies to Presets you may have added. Also, if you try to import too many IR's, that too may demand too much memory space. Provided you don't have an excessive number of Rigs and / or Presets installed and that you don't try to import more than a few hundred IR's, you should be OK.