Heavy 8 string track; Fortin rigs and then some.

  • Hey,

    first Kemper production in my studio. experimenting a bit with the mix of 8 string guitars and 5 string bass. In this track ended up tuning the low B on the bass another octave below low E. Came out nice to my surprise. For the guitars, used Fortin rigs for rythm, Holdsworthy for solo and Acle for cleans.

    For those who listened to the short version before, here's is the full thing.

    Hope you enjoy!

  • When you say "Holdsworthy for solo and Acle for cleans", do you mean you used specific commercial profiles that have those tones or did you snag Holdsworth and Tesseract type tones from RM or something?

    Overall I really liked the production. Very nicely put together.