Straight and Strong - new pop style tune

  • I heard a tune on the TV one day and the style and the general groove of the tune stayed with me when I next sat down to write a tune of my own. So this is the result of that inspiration.

    Hope you enjoy it!

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    Mats N

  • Hi Mats, very nice tune - as always with your stuff it's very professional, well produced and well mixed.

    My highlights on this tune are the dynamic part at around 1:17 where the guitar pauses for a longer moment (because it reveals the laid back rythm work) as well as the harmonic lead guitar coming in after 2:40 (that creates an incredible ear-catcher effect). For my taste the guitar harmonics could stand out a bit more in the mix. To my impression the second guitar is with rather low volume.

    Overall great job! Thanks for sharing Mats