Playing along Backing Track

  • Hi guys,

    i want to play over for example backing tracks with my Kemper and i want both, the backing track and guitar, to come from a monitor.
    My two solutions would be:
    1. Connecting the Kemper to a laptop with an Interface and play everything over two studiomonitors.
    2. Connecting the Laptop with an aux cable to the Kemper and play everything over a floormonitor, connected to the Kemper with a XLR cable.
    What do you think is the better way? Or are there any other solutions that come to your mind? (except headphones)

  • Option 2 as your guitar signal path will be shorter. This means it won’t unnecessarily go through another preamp/converter stage and will be lower latency (if your option 1 plan includes A/D D/A conversion).

    As another option a small analogue mixer could help you out. Something like an Allen&Heath ZED10 has mic inputs, stereo line inputs and USB for audio interface functionality. The difference being that you have all of the mixer routing functionality in the analogue domain (main outs, monitor out, aux send) without the need to use a separate audio interface should you want to perform basic tracking duties. I have a few small mixers for this sort of purpose, but recently I’ve just been patching playback into the aux returns on the Stage (FX returns) as it’s very convenient.