Brand New Kemper owner

  • Ingolf, since jamming on my Kemper, I have written 6 new songs, when I reach 10 songs, I will record the first full length effort in almost 9 years. I am loving my Powered Toaster. I purchased 2 packs. TITAN American Metal Classics, profiled by Zach Householder of White Chapel, and FORTIN MESHUGGAH pack (almost 50 or so profiles) So far the Metal classics are where its at for me. I chose a Mesa Dual Rec, with a fortin 33 boost pedal up front. Lucky for me Zach uses Dimarzio D Activator pickups and that's what is in most of my guitars. The profiles sound just like they should. The new recording will be profiles from the Metal Classics pack. I highly recommend them for heavy sounds. There is a great clean from a 5150 on there as well. All I did was lower the gain slightly, and minor EQ, that was it. saved to the KEMPER with my tweaks. DONE!!!!!!! Now to practice the hell out of the material, and come up with 4 more tunes. I gotta get busy, INGOLF said i gotta make up for lost time. He is right. Thanks to KEMPER, I am finally home.