Grand Opening TJontheRoad Kemper Profiles

  • I'm very excited to announce the grand opening of my new web store offering Kemper Profile Packs of my favorite amps. Ever since I got my Kemper Stage, I've been inspired by it. So much so, I went on profiling mission so to speak. I captured over 140 profiles of all my amps and I'm on the hunt for more. I expect this endeavor to be labour of love and maybe a few bucks along the way.

    A free sample pack of profiles can be had here.

    Here are some sound sample videos of the profiles. Note, if you’re a first time customer, you can get 10% off your first profile pack purchase just by signing up for my newsletter. The sign up is located at the bottom of the page on Thanks for checking them out (note, the first 40 seconds on the videos are the same introduction).


    P.S. I have a couple more very unique amps on my profile list that'll be released soon. Thanks for checking the site out.

  • Thank you. You'll also get emailed the bonus updates when the new profiles are released.

    "Bonus!!! Because new Kemper profiles are continually being added to the TJ Complete Collection Kemper Profile Pack, you'll automatically be eligible for new profiles for up to 90 days after the first purchase."

    As of now, at least 5 more profile packs are pending release in the next +/- month.

    The VX15TopBoost is based on a AC15c1 with the Greenback. Don't let it's humbleness fool you. It's a great amp.

    I hope you enjoy. Please spread the word.


  • Quick run through the packs - so far I like them very much!

    The Triple Crown sounds very nice with the Neo Creamback. But what is wrong with some of the profiles of the Red/Hi channel? "Mes 3Krown50 17A", "Mes 3Krown50 19A" and "Mes 3Krown50 20A" for example sound weird and wobbling. I first thought some wah pedal is on or something.

    The small Gibson GA-17RVT Scout sounds suprisingly mature - very good!

    But for me the real winner is the VOX AC15c1 with Greenback. Tastes are different, but this is exactly what I like! The clean profile(s) work perfectly well with pedals too. This pack alone was worth the money for me - really good job :thumbup:

  • Thank very much for your review. I just took another listen of the 3Krown50 (Based on TC-50) profiles you mentioned. "Mes 3Krown50 19A" seems like it does have some odd phasing going on I agree. Not sure why that is. Maybe that file is corrupted somehow (just guessing). I know it didn't sound like that when it was made. The others I didn't get that so much.

    The good news is the Mes 3Krown50 is scheduled next on the list to get a big update (I'm never totally happy lol). Along with the now included 6L6 tubes and 1x12 loaded G12 Neo profiles, there will be added profiles with EL34 tubes and a 4x12 V30 cab. You'll get the update free of charge when it's released hopefully next week. I'll take another look at those strange profiles again too.

    The Gibby Scoot (based on Gibson Scout) is the underdog pack. I love that amp and it definitely should get more respect. It works great with country, rockabilly, and other low-mid gain styles. I'm so glad you're enjoying it.

    The "VX15 TopBoost" (based on the VOX AC15c1) sounds much bigger than it's reputation. I also like the Greenback. Look for more TopBoost type profiles in the next few weeks.

    Again thank you for your business and your thoughts.