Just Got a stage and looking for advice

  • This is my second time around (had the Powered head in 2013 ) Things have changed a lot since then. Last time I got bogged down in all the possibilities and moved on. This time I like to be smarter in my approach. Can you guys recommend how best to pick out a few profiles to work on or, should I go through all the profiles, make notes on each- go back, start to tweak - Help. I'm in Classic rock blues - some oldies band. thanks for any advice including what tutorials to read or watch Thanks

    Also any packs I should think of buying - I'm running only into my Guitar Cabinets with a Orange Baby pedal power amp - not doing any recording just live gigs.

  • I'd suggest to start with the factory rig packs by commercial profilers who cater to your genre. They cover much more than they did in 2013 and with this and RE, you can probably get everything you need without buying anything. - except maybe a set of real speakers/FRFR so you can actually what it sounds like for real (through guitar cab, they can all sound too similar.)

  • It's only as overwhelming as you make it to be IMO. Start by sorting and looking for the amps that you like in the rig exchange or on commercial sites. Consider mostly what your core sounds are and what you need to gig. Grab a just few rigs/packs and go out to the gigs with them for awhile. If need be, rinse and repeat.

    Happy hunting.