Play Time Tracker

  • Like a Fitbit for guitar. It measures and saves the amount of time that an input signal is being received per playing session and then gives Weekly/Monthly/Annual reporting.

    The new editor would be a great place to put the UI for this. 😎

  • Put a motion sensor at the doorway to your rehearsal space. When it's triggered, have it power up a PC. In the boot sequence of the computer, have it append to a text file with today's date and time stamp. Exit through a different door and repeat the procedure on another PC with exit times.

    Then write a batch file that reads both files, does the math and saves the resulting report to a folder that's mapped to one of your cloud drives. On your phone, bring up the file from the cloud.

    And there you have it. A completely automated way to track the amount of time you spend in the room with your guitar, and it's both cloud enabled and mobile friendly.

    We live in wondrous times.

  • Well, don't forget to have your router log data traffic to your computer/ipad/phone and substract it from your practice time...

    And finally you can trigger an applause sample when you reach 10.000 hours ;)