Kemper stage pops and clicks when used as the slave with SPDIF

  • I was under the impression that the kemper stage could be used as the slave. Is this true? If so then I must have a defective unit because there are pops and clicks when using it as the slave with SPDIF. Any input is appreciated, thanks.

  • the Stage acts as a SPDIF slave just fine.

    please check:

    - using latest firmware?

    - good quality RCA cables? (i.e. labelled 'for digital use')

    - use 2 cables (kind of trivial)

    - Stage has to be set to SPDIF 'auto'

    - DAW has to be master

    - supported samplerates: 44.1 / 48 / 88.1 / 96

  • I still do encounter pops and clicks when using spdif (interface set as internal/master. Interface, kemper stage, daw, all set to 44.1khz and kemper stage set to auto). also using latest firmware and good high quality RCA cables. I asked for an exchange with a new unit 5 days ago but they still haven't replied yet.

  • please check your spam folder.

    just as a note again: the Stage works fine as SPDIF slave with the current release (7.1.12)

    there are a lot of variables which can mess up correct digital audio I/O on a computer.

    for example: to rule out for driver and buffer issues on your DAW, you could try to record with a simple loop-back cable (directly between the SPDIF-out and the SPDIF-in of your interface, with the same settings you're trying to record the KPA)

    of course: maybe there is a defect on your unit, that can be ruled out by exchanging it.

    Support should always contact / answer you.. maybe something landed in a spam folder?

  • Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it. Just checked my spam folder, didn't recieve a message.