Kemper- power amp- into guitar cab - tips?

  • I’m using a kemper stage into orange baby pedal (100 watt solid state amp) into Marshall cabinet - classic rock blues pop band - small bars - party’s. Small PA for vocals only. Any tips to get the best sounds from this setup? I have profiled my amps with a direct box - had one practice with it and was OK with the sound. Needed a little more sustain on rhythm and a better lead tone (was using kemper drive pedal) any ideas and tips would be great, thanks

  • I think you have 2 options:

    1) Its good to use the amps you have been happy with but there are thousands of profiles out there. Personally I don;t use drive pedals at all, I use an amp profile with higher gain e.g. ENGL or Boogie

    2) Tweak the current profiles - add more gain or compression for more sustain..

    In particular I would look at a dedicated lead sound. You didn't say what your original amps were?

    Other factors that will impact sustain - check you input level into the Orange is decent to ensure you are getting good sustain and that the noise gate is not set too high.

  • If you make a decent Direct Amp Profile of you amp (with no speaker selected during the profiling phase) and refine it as necessary it should be efficiently indistinguishable from the original amp through the same cabinet. Anytime I’ve done it with my Boogies and used an A/B pedal to switch while playing they have been almost identical. In a blind test I couldn’t tell which was which but if really pushed to choose one I almost always found that I favoured the profile over the real amp but it was more a guess than an obvious “that one’s the Kemper”.

    My suggestion is just to make a few more Direct Amp Profiles. It is an easy process but the results can vary a little and refining may be necessary.