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    We're happy to announce our new pack, the "Sabbath" Pack from the Legendary Tones Series. This pack seeks to recreate the sounds heard on various recordings and live performances of Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath. Get your Tony Iommi tone!

    This pack contains the tones of the father of heavy metal -- Tony Iommi. Here's your chance to rock to Black Sabbath and Heaven and Hell with amazingly accurate guitar tone. Even if you're not a big Sabbath fan, this pack contains a wide array of fantastic vintage and modern hard rock guitar tones. Tony's career has spanned about 50 years, so covering even a portion of his tones over the years required the use of 5 different amp heads.

    Profiles Included in this Pack:

    '70 N.I.B., '70 Paranoid, '70 War Pigs, '71 Sw Leaf, '72 Supernaut, '75 Hole Sky, '78 Never Die, '80 Heaven Hell, '81 Mob Rules, '81 Voodoo, '92 Comp God, '92 I, '98 Reunion, '07 Radio City, '09 Bible Black, '17 The End

    Amps/Pedals Used During the Profiling Process: 1970 Laney head, 1974 Lee Jackson modded Marshall head, Laney GH100TI Iommi Signature head, Mesa Boogie Mark V head (IIC+ mode), Engl Powerball head, Dallas Arbiter Rangemaster Treble Booster

    Speakers Used During the Profiling Process: 1970 Celestion 25W G12M Greenback, 1970 Celestion 30W G12H Greenback

    Min to Max Gain Range (Scale: 0 to 10): 6 to 8

    Profile Type: Studio, Merged

    Profiles available here:…Pack-SABBATH-20191019.htm

    -Jimi 8):thumbup:

  • want a slash UYI pack not the AFD pack

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