My first attempt at profiling

  • Hi Everyone

    I did some DI profiles a few months back of my Carvin Legacy. I did a clean and a dirty profile. I uploaded them on RE. If someone wants to try them out and let me know what you think, they are called:

    PBB - Carvin Legacy 100

    PBB - Carvin Legacy 100 Cln

    or you can find them by Author TheSystem

    I use IRs with these. To me they sound like my Carvin do when I run my Suhr Reactive Load into my DAW.

    The chain I used to profile them was:

    Carvin Legacy>Suhr Reactive Load>Kemper. I may have had a GTQ2 in between the SRL and the Kemper. I did these quite a while ago.


    PS. I have many other amps I could profile but they all exist in some form already on RE or through Profile providers.

  • Thanks for sharing and thanks for taking the effort to make these. Appreciated.

    As the Carvin stuff was never really my kind of thing I'm not a good one to judge how good or close they are to the original. The clean one doesn't sound super clean to me and both are rather bright with most of the cabs I took from the Kemper. Didn't mess around with my IRs though. Maybe for me it would need some more tweaking then.

    Thanks again....