7.1.2 Release

  • "7.1.2 is now available as a release software for Stage as well as classical PROFILER models"

    Updated mine this morning from a USB stick, updated quickly with no issues, my remote also updated with no issues. I also updated rig manager to 2.3.14 and working fine.

    All Rigs are there and all Performances.


  • I updated today. I see some problems. I had to do a hard reset and 2 power cycles.

    1- one of the times I connected it, it just didn't finished the switching on. After a few minutes, hard reset.

    2- I couldn't "preview" profiles from Rig Manager until I switched off and on.

    3- no way to make the kemper accept what I was dragging and dropping in a Performance made in Rig Manager. Switched off and on and it worked fine.


  • I went through update, and I ended up with this message:

    ************* Something unexpected happened ***************

    Please contact [email protected] by email and attach a picture of this message along with a description of what happened before.

    ---> Press EXIT to restart. <---

    expr=PABT PC=9FF2D450?

    file=unknown (line=0)

    swvs="Release:" (CRC=66F316A1)

    Anybody else with this issue?

  • Sometimes, when I switch on the Tuner, the part of the screen where the Tuner should be is all black. If I hit the "bubble mode" button, it works correctly. Then I hit the button again and the strobo is there again.

    It isn't really a problem.