Buying a remote for the studio?

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    Changed the title of the thread from “Buying a remote?” to “Buying a remote for the studio?”.
  • 100% recommend a remote for the studio, It makes the process of recalling profiles so much quicker, plus you have access to things like the looper, hands free morphing and freeze which are really useful for song writing and recording. I have both the rack and toaster versions, and my rack one is just far enough away to be annoying to tweak when sitting at a desk so the remote is a no brainer.

    Sort of on the same theme, using a MIDI foot pedal to control a DAW is also a huge time saver.

  • I have one and use it in combination with the Rig Manager. I would be missing either one if I went without

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    (PEDALBOARD): Kemper Remote, X2 Wireless, Visual Sound Pure Tone Buffer, Mission Engineering EP-1 KP, Digitech Drop, Rocktron Banshee Talkbox, Digitech Freqout, Xotic BB Preamp

  • Just to be clear - the Kemper Remote and Rig Manager only support a subset of the functionality of the KPA. You still need to use the front panel for tweaking parameters. At some point this will be built into Rig Manager - if that's all you need, you might just wait and get that for free when it comes out.

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