Use SYSEX to control various Parameters on the Kemper

  • Hello folks,

    i successfully assigned a program change to a rig, after sending it, the profiler switches to that rig, so midi seems to work (I use open stage control and loop midi).

    But when i try to send a sysex string (midi documentiation on page 13:

    Example: To set the value of Delay Volume to 50% the controller $4a04 (9476) needs to be set to a

    value of $4000 (8192):

    -> F0 00 20 33 02 7f 01 00 4A 04 40 00 F7

    it does not change the delay volume, but a symbol "SE" can be seen (for a short amount of time).

    Any help is highly appreciated,



  • From MIDI Parameter Documentation (Rev. 149) :


    With 4.0.0, Delays are part of the stomp types. Addressing them will result in no action.


    Delay (Address Page 74)

    Stomp DELAY (Address Page 60)

    The parameters are like in Stomp A (Address Page 50) so volume could be the 06 not 04.

    Tip! :

    Use UI-> MIDI function to monitor desired parameter NRPN using some MIDI monitor software.

  • Ah, thanks, must have missed that, found the ui-> MIDI in SYSTEM settings, open stage control monitors nicely in and outs, so i should see it...

    Thanks again for your help!