Kemper stage Profile problem

  • I have the KS and have been doing DI box (kemper DI box) profiles of my amp - I recently upgraded my KS to the latest software and now my profiles sound like a cheap fuzz pedal ? I'm not sure if its the KS or the Kemper DI box? - Before the upgrade I had to turn down the return send to -32 to keep the KS from overloading - but the profiles sounded fine. I have a ticket in for a new Kemper DI - because of this- but since the upgrade the profiles have gotten really bad all distorted in a very bad way. Anyone having issues? Right now it will take a week or two to get a new DI box so not sure if its the box or the KS - thanks for any input.

  • I had the same thing happen to me!

    Just got the stage recently, was super happy with it then upgraded to the latest software and it started to sound digital, phasey, ice-picky!

    I had not had much time with the Kemper before the upgrade so I started doubting if it really ever sounded good and maybe the honey moon period was now over and I'm now really hearing what this sound like.

    I double checked all the global settings to see if I may have done something but they all seemed OK.

    I contacted support and asked them how to do a full factory reset of the unit, followed their instructions and brought it back to factory spec, re-loaded all my profiles and bingo, back in business!!

    Don't worry, you are not losing your mind and there is nothing wrong with your unit!

  • Nobody responded to my question when I posted it a few weeks ago so I hear ya!

    For some reason they frown upon sharing that information here in the support and they should get back to you very quickly with instructions for how to do it.