KPA Rack to Stage : any way to recover my favorites Stomps and Effects presets ?

  • Hi everybody,

    I just sold my Kemper Rack and bought the Stage.

    Very happy with the beast, but it takes some new habits, as I was a long time owner of the rack version.

    I'm happy with the form factor anyway, easier to carry as a all-in-one solution and takes less place in my appartment.

    Did a transfer from the one to the other. Im pretty sure I lost some data because I had a reverb locked in Perf mode and was locked but empty on the Stage.

    But what disturbs me a lot is that I can't recall my stomp and effects presets (you know, when you do a long press on the buttons on the original KPA),

    I've looked everywhere but can't find a way to recover them. Its annoying because in the past I didn't set my personalized stomps one by one but by "groups" using the method above.

    I was also particularly fan of the "washed-something" chorus/delay/reverb and "the 80's called" "effects group"

    By any chance, is there a way to recover my groups ? I aint got the Rack anymore with me to replicate them manually.

    If not, is there a good soul here who could post rigs with the washed-thing and the 80's called ? Even if I lost my custom ones maybe I can re-build something with the stock ones I loved ... :)

    Thank you guys