Is my unit dead?

  • Yes shit happens, mine is dead too (in fact direct output is dead) and support says kemper problem are really rare and no luck for you. (something like that)

    I was except for something else.

  • That page doesn't seem to have all the info on it, there are some other bootup methods too as well as the following -

    Depending on the firmware revision that it's updating from then there was a bug whereby it didn't show the "OK/Continue" buttons on the gui. And there was also a version that just took a very long time (5 minutes or so) to complete this phase.

    For the first one you just need to press, i think it was the 4th button above the screen, then it would continue... if not then try the others.

    For the second, i'm afraid you just have to wait and be patient (and if it's still not moved after 5 minutes then try pressing the buttons again).

    Fingers crossed that helps.

  • Frankly I didn't understand any of it.