Always allow both 'Replace' and 'Save As' after editing a rig, even when loaded through Rig Manager. Plus some other RM bugs

  • This post is harsh, and I really hope if the developers read this, they don't take it as a personal attack on their professionalism, I really don't wish to offend anyone. My intention is to try to call attention for issues, in order to make the product better for me and any other customer that spent their hard earned money on the KPA.

    The subject is one of my pet peeves, and just one of many recurrent little annoyances that happens when using Rig Manager. And from this issue, I once again apologize, but I have to vent my frustration at the very low quality of the Rig Manager Software.

    Obviously, there should always be a 'Replace' option when saving rigs, even if they're loaded via Rig Manager. To be clear, I'm talking about rigs that are already stored on the profiler, and that I made a few tweaks on, and obviously, 9 out of 10 times, I want to replace them, not save them again and again and end up with a bunch of rigs that I don't want anymore.

    I know that technically, rigs loaded through Rig Manager are stored in memory, whatever. I'm sorry, but I don't care! As a user, I shouldn't be bothered with technical justifications for stuff that should obviously work as expected. It's standard computer stuff: if I save something with the same name, the original gets replaced. Every piece of software in the world works like this, and it's expected behaviour. I don't want to end up with 5 different rigs with the same name containing minor tweaks. Or with different names if I bother to do save as. Always allow us to either 'Replace' or 'Save As'.

    And from this issue a lot of other problems spring up:

    - Even If I save using the same name, when browsing the profiler in Rig Manager there's no Date column, so there's no way to know which is the latest version.

    - Worse still, If I just 'Save As' the edited rig, it appears in Rig Manager on the bottom, which is stupid, because if I have it ordered by Name, it should, right away, appear next to the unedited Rig (assuming I didn't change the name when saving). Just perform a refresh on the UI!

    - If I save the edited rig and then delete the unedited rig, Rig Manager gets out of sync with the profiler. Everything goes nuts, I click a rig and a different one gets selected. Just now, during this process of 'Save As', then delete the old one, load another, etc, has led to a crash on the profiler itself which I'm going to report to Kemper.

    The KPA is an amazing sounding machine, with a decent hardware interface on the unit itself, but with a computer software app of very, very poor quality on Rig Manager. It's so, so, so frustrating the amount of bugs and lack of polish in the UI that it almost suggests a lack of care, which I don't want to believe it's the case.

    Notice that I didn't mention the editor, another glaring omission in the current software. I'm just talking about the very basic operation that Rig Manager is supposed to perform reliably, and even that basic operation fails.

    I really don't get how a team can be so careful and passionate with the main component of a guitar product - the quality and realism of sound which makes the KPA a pleasure to play, and on the other hand, looks very sloppy when it comes to the computer software environment, which is expected to be as good as the rest these days, on a digital product like this.

    Once again, sorry if this came out harshly, but really feel this should be spoken out.

  • You raise many valid points. Rig Manager is a crucial part of the Kemper system (much more so than a software editor) and at the moment it is not fit for purpose.

    Most people are saying “how hard can it take so long to design a software editor?” And “it isn't that hard if one guy can come up with atoast Me on his own” etc. Which I am sure is correct.

    I am sure that Kemper have the editor working perfectly (and probably have for some time). However, I would put money on the fact that the real delay for the editor release is actually the Rig Manager part of the system (the editor is actually an integral part of the new RM system from what I can make out). Updates about the editor seem to imply that the issues are communication related and I take that to suggest RM and KPA communication. If that is correct I think we are in for a massively improved Rig Management solution when it is finally released.

    When tue new editor finally arrives I am sure ai will play with it for a while but I fully expect to keep editing on the KPA using physical knobs. However, a property integrated RM will be an absolute game changer - that is what I am eagerly waiting for ?

  • There is a Date column, it´s probably hidden in your case. Have a look in the RM manual;).

    After it shows you can of course sort the Rigs by Date.

  • There is a Date column, it´s probably hidden in your case. Have a look in the RM manual;).

    After it shows you can of course sort the Rigs by Date.

    True, and I always sort rigs by date; however, the OP's second point still applies. If you do a save as while sorted by date, the new rig still goes to the bottom of the list in rig manager until you manually re-sort by date. It should be very simple, and should be the default behavior, to have a flag in rig manager that simply re-sorts when a state change is detected on the profiler.

  • Sorry to take so long to get back yto you. I checked mine and even in the My Profiler folder the date column is still visible and works for sorting. Here's the screenshot from tonight.

    I don't know what the issue is at your end but it is very strange. You could raise a support ticket but with any luck the new RM3.0 / Editor is so close to release that you might have a a working alternative before they can even answer the ticket :)

  • Thanks Wheresthedug . One clarification: I can see the date column while browsing the local library. The problem is that the date doesn't show when browsing rigs inside the 'MyProfiler' folder.

    is the date column enabled for the list in question?

  • is the date column enabled for the list in question?

    Hello. Yes, the date is enabled. In the screenshot above you can see that I made it with the right click column options visible, and the 'Date' column is enabled but it doesn't show. I've tried enabling, disabling, show all columns, reset layout, but the date never appears on my system.