Dropping FR Speakers into a cab ?

  • Sup sup.

    I Wana touch upon making a FR within a cab...not the typical debate.

    Just past my second week as a Kemper owner here.

    So I'm supreme n00b but own the Stage and have been impressed so far.

    Smallest of back story but I'm a typical tube amp snob till the last few years. Positive grid bias blew my mind to be able to play through an iPad and I became obsessed with matched amp tones.

    Ima metal guy so have always had Boogies interms of tube amps and cabs live.

    I crossed over and had purchased Kemper Stage in mind to pair with a 1x12 or 2x12 and I'm running a Duncan PowerStage 170.

    Within the first day previewing DI profiles through my cab I caught onto the similar characteristics between profiles. (I have hundreds of commercial ones). Makes sense, as when monitoring through headphones the irs it's amazing.

    So now I'm researching the debate and likely hood of going FR to take advantage of actually hearing the Kempers Signal chain Souls sucking.

    I don't want to Shell out another 500-1000 for a speaker or something with credibility for the time being.

    *** Question is could I just drop FR Speakers into say a Harley Benton 2x12 and blingo use that for live monitoring and self playing to hear "true" profile??? Even tho my past has only been tube...i feel like I can omit that "in the room/stage" feel/sound, debate so don't worry I'm not asking that because that's preference.

    Wondering if it's a viable option because speakers are less than $100 usually. I know nothing about wiring ect but...do I need some sort of driver? Can i run the power stage the same and just keep cab monitoring on in that scenario then?

    Has anyone done this? What should I consider???

    Thanks bunches if you read this far!!



  • Super cool, anyone else have options? The celestion looks to be the best of the best. The demo on hairy guitars sounded solid.

    $175 per is heafty but...get what you pay for. I'd like to fill my 2x12 in that range.

    Can I just look at any 12 inch that can get a freq response at least to 16k?

    I dropped an email to usspeakers.com to see what I kinds of thoughts they have.