Remote backlight flickers on and off

  • Does anyone have this issue?

    Its intermittent and the light does on for long periods of time, but will randomly flicker then go off - a gentle tap gets it working again

    Kemper Support unfortunately reluctant to deal with it..

    I am inclined to believe its a faulty LED / Connection?

  • What makes you think we won't deal with this?

    We are in contact with your dealer and he has told us that he can't find any issue on your Remote.

    To determine the error, it would simply be clever to inspect the Profiler as well as the Remote.

    After all, we want to make sure that this issue does not reoccur.

    We are on the case and my colleague will answer your today's e-mail as well.

  • Thank you for the message, however I have sent both kemper and my dealer a video of the issue and just because the dealer cant see the problem doesnt mean it doesnt exist!

    Kemper initially said send the Remote back as it could be a hardware issue (and didnt mention that it could be a Profiler issue)

    I am concerned as to why Kemper think it is now a Profiler issue?

    I am reluctant to send the Profiler back as I use it alot and dont want to be without it (unfortunately the dealer is long way away from where I live so i cant just drop it in, it needs to be posted)

    I will speak to the dealer again to see the best way to resolve this.