Kemper Demo's on YouTube

  • Hi Guys

    I'm a bit flummoxed, when watching YouTube Kemper demo's like this:


    Paul David

    That Rig Show

    The amp and profiles sound great, however, I don't even come close to that sound when I run my Kemper through my DAW (Ableton) and monitors (Yamaha HS-8s). (Although the playback on the recorded guitar parts sound ok)

    It seems like it's not loud enough. I was thinking I needed to add an FRFR so I bought a Headrush 108, and while it is louder and the clean tones sound good, the dirty tones sound weird.

    My question is, what signal path are the guys in the video using to produce those tones and why it sounds so different than mine?

    Thanks for taking the time and I appreciate all the help.

  • There are many things that can contribute to things sounding different. Every step of the chain can change the sound. The guitar, pickups, interface, monitor, recording sample rate, etc. all play a part. The size of your monitor speakers also play a part. My monitors are 8" and my cabinet and FRFR are 12". So, there is more bass response from the larger speaker. Volume also plays a part. Many factors.

  • What signal path are you using? If you listen to a demo of a profile you like through your existing system (HS-8s are a superb choice btw) then the profile should sound the same when you play through your KPA.

    Your technique, guitar, cable will all make a difference, but you already know that. It sounds like your having a whole different sounding experience when comparing demo of profile vs using said profile.

    Using Andertons and PD as a comparitor may be unfair as they'll probably post EQ, but if you listen to a demo from say, Tone Junkie for example, they'll show you exactly what you're hearing. If you don't hear that same sound through your KPA, something is amiss

  • In my humble opinion, and as a beginner on Kemper Stage since 4 weeks: I always had to tweak the profiles very heavily to make them usuable for my ears. Especially profile with much gain sounded bad to me, way too much dirt. Cutting down the gain, and instead turning up the volume at the "Amp" level made them much clearer. Also, I often changed distortion settings, when used.

    This is also true for profiles I bought; they became only good when tweaking them.