Profiling a Marshall Studio Jubilee

  • Hi guys

    Very easy question but I want to create a profile of the Marshall Studio Jubilee, a Di profile to use with cabs, has anyone used the DI output on the back of the amp direct to the Kemper and made a good profile?

    Thank you


  • I checked the manual, not sure if I looked at the correct manual because there are a few variations of the model but it says "Note: the DI output has added loudspeaker emulation", so if that's the case then you won't get a true "Direct Amp Profile". It still might sound good so it's sure worth a try. Also, the Kemper can usually tell if a cab is or is not involved while profiling and it will tell you so it would be interesting to see what it says after the profiling process. I don't remember exactly what happens but I'm pretty sure if it doesn't detect a cab the resulting profile won't have a cab (the cab light will not be on) after the profiling process, someone please correct me if I'm wrong.