Midi Thru Issue

  • warlus1  DamianGreda : the KPA's THRU function works as it should. So if you purely want the KPA to behave as THRU there should be no problems, and you will not nees a merger.

    (note that in that case none of the KPA's out functions can be used on the THRU i.e. no progchg out)

    like that, yes. but no, it doesn't work with editors...

    so you claim that if the KPA is set to THRU (= case1 in my overview = device a+b both are not using THRU) --> the editor of the Strymon is not working?

    really ?

    can you confirm ?


    Thanks kpahuitsing for clarifying the system settings for the MIDI configurations. I went back and made sure that MIDI THRU was not set for either midi devices (I was previously trying to set this to the address of my target helix device to the THRU port). After I made sure that THRU wasn't set to a device it works as you described and as I was expecting. I went back through the manual again after your explanation of the midi configurations and found the secret I was missing was on the first line of page 264.