Transpose tracking

  • I’ve tried the transpose feature as a stomp and I’ve tried in the rig section. In either case it seems that the tracking is less than optimal for my bass. I think the EHX Pitchfork and the Digitech Drop sound better.

    I’m trying to drop a semitone at time when the vocalist needs it.

    Any suggestions to improve the tracking?

  • its close,, but no cigar,, drop/hardware and software,, seems to work a tad better,,

    When I do country ,and on a clean tele, you can notice the Kempers transpose,,ever so slight lag,, it doesn't bother most folks, but it bothers me,

    not usable in that case,I picked up a head rush pedal board to run the Kemper via midi,, and it has a Drop feature built in,

    IT works, only goin down, but it works,,With high gain Its very good,,

    I understand that the kempers EFX are, or will be,, going thru an up grade, Im sure they have been very busy with the stage, but hopefully the over drives and stomps esp. the transpose, will get a tweak,,

  • Thanks for the information. What I find curious is how well the Chromatic Shift feature tracks. It is night an day compared to the Analog Octave. Hopefully some updates will head our way soon and the Transpose feature will improve. If there is a way I can drop a semitone with Chromatic Shift, I would appreciate guidance on how to accomplish that from another member.