Capturing a combination of OD pedals

  • Hey guys,

    Very much in love with my KPA (toaster, unpowered), just need some advice on an issue I'm experiencing. I used to play live on a big Two Rock 100W and when using a Strat a usually achieved my lead tone by stacking several OD pedals. Since I don't want to ruin my back I only play the Two Rock at home and use the KPA live ever since I got it. I have profiled the clean tone of the Two Rock and the KPA did a beautiful job in that regard. However, I seem to be having trouble capturing the lead tone with the pedals engaged. I read in the manual that the KPA has some trouble capturing a TubeScreamer but I'm using a Klon Kentaur into a Marshall Bluesbreaker. When profiling that tone, the result is quite thin and lifeless when compared to the original amp tone, whereas, as I said, the clean tone (without pedals) is captured perfectly. So, I wonder, do you guys have any advice? Or should I just run the pedals in front of the KPA? That would not be my preferable choice because I love to use the KPA as an all-in solution.