Total factory reset and restore

  • Hi,

    There are various audio and other issues my Kemper seems to have developed.

    I've backed it up.

    What's the best procedure to completely wipe the thing, yet to get as close to what I had originally once I restore?

    I tried restoring previous backup files, and I'm not convinced it was completely refreshed.



  • Edit: had to turn to tuner....currently restoring from backup...

    Found this on an old post. I held soft button one (left above display) turned to Perform....kept booted but no reset options...

    You can reset to factory state by pushing soft button 1 (top left above display) before turning it on, keep it pushed and turn the KPA on. During the start still keep the button pushed.

    You now enter System/Booting Maintenance. There you can Init the Flash either with factory content or completely empty.

  • Recovering factory content won't work anymore under current OS versions, because the content is not embedded in the OS anymore! You can recover latest Factory Rigs and Presets via Rig Manager.