Profile my amps with Torpedo Live? How?

  • So I finally sold my Kemper Head. I´ve had it for years and almost never used it. I just chased profiles that I was hoping to like and never played the guitar. I actually find 99% of all profiles sound bad. Sterile and harsh and not tube-sounding. I did find some of Michael Britts profile usable and really good sounding, but still not "my personal taste". And two hours before I sold it i acually got a really good highgain sound with a Orange MBritt profile (that isnt really a highgain shred profile by any means, and Im not in to Orange soundwise, but I tweaked it to sound natural and good). I always felt that I could get a better and realistic sound with more precense in the tone and natural tube sound with my other real equipment with my Torpedo Live. So I mainly use my 4 channel (clean, crude, crunch, lead) Tommy Folkesson modded JCM800 mkIV which has the best higain lead sound on the planet. (Yes I have tried a lot of amps in my 35 years of playing). I can get close to what I hear from my Greenback speaker when I use it trough my Torpedo Live to my RCF ART310 (most of the speaker emulations doesnt sound good on Torpedo either, but say 3 of 100 sounds natural and good. I acually find one stock that I use and sounds better than all the IR´s ive tried so far.) I also use my Marshall JMP-1 also modded by Tommy Folkesson (now it has real tubedistortion) that has good cleans! and very fluid leads.

    Soo, I sold the Kemper, it was to much money to just stand there was my opinion.

    But it has got 2 weeks now, and for some reason there is a hunger to buy a Kemper again. The Stage model this time. It cant be simplier to carry to a gig than that.
    I own 6 butique-amps (modified) that doesnt exist in the profile word to download or buy. So I have to profile them by myself. Here was and still is the problem, I´ve tried to do that but the result was really bad. It sound as crappy as a lot of the already excisting profiles out there, and nothing like the sound that I hear thru my real cabs. BUT when I use the amps with my Torpedo, I can get pretty close to the real thing. So my question is can I profile my amps throu the Torpedo Live? And how to do that? So I can get rid of miking and all the bad results I get with that teqnique?

    Maby I can get good enough result with this method? I realize that I can´t get as good result as a real amp because when we profile we just profile that perticular moment the amp is in those seconds. But soundquality it should be able to do a least 90-95% or the tone.

    Kindly Regards

    / Daniel

  • Yes, you can profile through the Torpedo Live. It should give decent results. The load box in the Torpedo will have a slightly different impedance curve than the real speaker cabinet it is emulating so will sound slightly different too. However, this difference isn’t necessarily better or worse, just different. It might be the exact sound you are after.

  • Many, not all, of my profiles that I offer are captured with the Torpedo Live. It’s giving me very good results. Best of all, it is very consistent because you can save the mic placements and EQ settings for when I went to reuse for another amp.

    I’ve found some amps are fussy with it though. You have to very careful with proper gain staging with high wattage amps. The 100w limit doesn’t leave much headroom with those.

    Here’s a pic of a recent remote location profile session I did with the Torpedo Live (sitting under the laptop).