Charging for profiles?

  • No problem whatsoever with charging for profiles. In my view it's no different than Toontrack or Slate sampling drums and selling their libraries. Then there's Redwirez and Recabinet who sell cab-only impulse libraries, this despite almost unanimous agreement amongst high-gain users that the free impulses are the best. If the commercial Kemper profiles are quality and better than any free ones available I'll pay, that's what it comes down to for me.

  • I have no problem paying for high quality, done in a pro studio, with high quality mic and cabs, profiles, so long as the bloke charging has not downloaded free profiles from the exchange; otherwise, it seems a little hypocritical to me.

    In any case, a sincere thanks to everyone making their profiles available. Much appreciate, both the hard work, time and talent to make some outstanding profiles.

  • but what happens when someone get the idea to take an and44 profile (for example) and maybe make a slight adjustment or change to one of Tills cabs, and then sell it as his own? just thinking out loud here but I'd be surprised if it DIDN'T happpen sooner or later X(

  • I'm still finding out new things everyday. Thanks to all who have contributed, I appreciate it. I'm downloading as much as possible now, because I know that in 20 years that profile of the 1969 Marshall I download is really going to be worth a lot . . . . Just joking, but once the amps are gone they are gone,if you have a unique amp and someone is willing to pay for the profile, go for it. Any takers for a profile of a 1974 Solid State Teisco amp with a Big Muff in front? $50 :D