• Hey guys i know i know i know ive thrown this out there a few times now but im not sure what else to do now.I understand a few of you guys dont understand what i mean by "fizzy" so i recorded a little random piece.the main riff and the octave melody are both the same profile.The main problem seems to be this this phazey hissy fizz around the 5k mark but this problem is not just my kemper ive had this problem with every distorted related plugin ive ever used (Bias amp/bias fx/bias amp2 etc)_ive used multiple different interfaces im now using a clarett 4pre going into my HS7 monitors and i feel my sound is STILL no better than the £70 scarlett solo i purchased years ago.by the time EQ out that horrible sound the tone/profile is completely destroyed.It cant be my guitar because i get the same horrendous sound from all of my guitars and my guitars are quite high end running over £1000 each so surely its not my instrument.At first i thought it was my PC but ive had multiple PCs and and its still there.I think im losing my mind lol PLEASE tell me you hear it too guys...listen to the octave section...i purposely solo'd it so you can hear it.This sound happens with anything i use thats distorted.HELP!!

  • have you tried Pure Cab?

    yeah dude ive had it disabled and enabled ive had it at every point lol but like i say i had this problem before owning a kemper using software such as bias amp etc.Im starting to think that im just shit at this thing or maybe its just the profiles and software thats shit i reckon its the first one lol i think im gonna get my buddy round hes way more educated at this than me maybe he could sprinkle some lovely magical unicorn dust on my setup and make it roar like a lion or something haha im sure somewhere along the line ive bolloxed the chain its just figuring out what (other than me) is the weak link i guess i dunno...hmmm...

  • Do you hear the fizz if you use headphones direkt out of the KPA ?

    Eliminating one bit in the sound chain at the time while "troubleshooting"

    Do you hear it if you´re using a real amp with distorted sound ?

    Just wondering :/

  • Do you hear the fizz if you use headphones direkt out of the KPA ?

    Eliminating one bit in the sound chain at the time while "troubleshooting"

    Do you hear it if you´re using a real amp with distorted sound ?

    Just wondering :/

    I dont hear it when using my actual Rockerverb MKII im not really hearing it when the KPA is coming out my HS7 monitors or when using my headphones plugged direct into the KPA its only really obvious when i play back a recorded track in my DAW.It sounds like ive plugged my old ass Metalzone direct into my PC haha i shouldnt laugh cause its frustrating but what else can i do? haha.

  • That´s positive in 2 ways : It´s not the KPA and it´s not your ears :P

    Then there´s something else in the chain ......

    Interface , cables , recording settings ( Gain, bit rate , mHz ?? ) Pre amps,

    Aux send ( if any ) driven to hard ....

    Just brainstorming now :wacko:

  • possibly you're overloading the audio interface, the PROFILER has a pretty hot output.

    lower the volume of the PROFILER in the OUTPUT menu to about -12

    make sure you're not clipping the inputs of your interface

    make sure you don't have "Monitor Cab Off" enabled in the OUTPUT menu when you are using the Monitor Out

    (or just use the Main Outs)

    please take care to somewhat format your posts and use punctuation - it's really hard to read otherwise.

    also, we can do without the "lol"s and "shit" - there is a certain amount of respect for and politeness towards other users required here.


  • one time I had a similar prob, just sounded fuzzy fizzy, I did a re start holding a button in, cant remember which one, I'm sure someone here will chime in with it, but it worked,did not lose all my sounds, did a back up first.. a year later I was in a studio downtown, same thing, producer said whats up, we listened and it was all tinny, fizzy, did the restart thing and all was fine,worth a try, I was told it was a corrupt rig??? seems to happen when I transport it long distance in truck,,

  • If its only happening on playback from the DAW (and it happens with all plugins too) that would suggest the DW is the problem.

    As Don says, the first thing is to check you aren’t overloading the DAW and causing clipping. Most engineers say to aim for a signal of between -18 to -12db when recording. There is no need or advantage in running a hot signal and getting the input meters close to the red. It is worth switching you meters to Pre Fader monitoring to check the real level going in. Also make sure you aren’t overloading the Interface inputs either.

    The next thing to check is that you don’t have ANYTHING running on your Master Bus. Lots of people lock a limiter/multi band compressor/eq etc in the output bus then forget about it. This can often seriously affect the sound and make it hard to find the source of any problem. If you have any plugins running disable them all then add them back one at a time to find the culprit.