Adding in Bias FX2 with the Kemper?

  • Hey all. Hopefully I am posting this in the right spot, people care and understand what I am saying, etc.

    I love my Kemper. I have never been able to get the same results using anything else, especially in recording. The one thing that I find hard to do with it though is to add in effects and such easily. I know it is possible and I will need to spend the time to learn and use it in order to set up performances for a live setting/recreating the recordings. But what I am thinking - the Bias FX2 has a really nice user interface and looks to be easy to use and do things on the fly. Right now they are offering the standard FX2 for like $50. So I am thinking about maybe trying it for that modest investment to maybe put after my Kemper in the chain? Does anyone do this or see pros/cons to doing this?