28 Boogie Mark V (Direct) rigs uploaded

  • Hi!

    Gave profiling a try finally. I did not mic any of my cabinets, just did Direct profiles.

    Into front of Kemper with Les Paul. Kemper to Boogie input, Boogie Slave (includes power amp, NO cab emulation!) to Kemper. Les Paul with DiMarzio PAF 36th bridge + neck for refining. No severe tone crafting (IOW, no "V" graphic EQ, bass/mid/treb knobs moved from noon only enough to tame tone, and make... decent to my ears, EQ in for Chan 2 and 3, mild tweaks to refine). Chan 2 and 3: I did Gain at 9 o'clock, Noon, and 3 o'clock, except for Mark IV, did 9 o'clock, tween 11 and Noon, 1 o'clock, and then 3 o'clock (last one is pretty saturated!)

    Chan 1: 2 Clean, 1 Fat, 2 Tweed

    Chan 2: 3 Edge, 3 Crunch, 3 Mark I

    Chan 3: 6 Mark II, 8 Mark IV (No Extreme)

    I have a large batch of IRs I made several years ago, and might make more later, but they are not that good, and no idea how to upload them, lol.

    Feedback would be appreciated, so I can learn from critique, and hopefully get even better profiles before someone buys my Mark V.