Here's someone using the Kemper in a really funky creative way ...

  • went to see Herbie Hancock yesterday and he had a guitarist with him i had never heard of: Lionel Loueke , here's his rig:

    just that and the foot controller with one xpression pedal .... Damn this guy went to places with the Kemper i had never imagined ... it's really hard to describe and i haven't found any youtube clips that do it justice (it's one of those things that you have to hear live in a place with stellar acoustics, this part here sounded amazing and the youtube clip is crap but it gives you an idea ... in this clip here at around 1 min there is a little good sounding bit of the less crazy funky stuff:

    ) .... so if you ever have a chance to see him play go for it. There really was some crazy beautiful shit and he sings and makes weird sounds with his tongue on top of it, wild stuff. At places it sounded as if his voice was somehow routed through the Kemper as well but maybe his mic was fed to Herbie who was twiddlin it on his Kronos .. i wouldn't know cause i was mesmerized by the guy and watched him quite a bit more than Herbie throughout the gig.

    he also played some straight up jazz solos and some killer wailing PAFy 70s rock fusion leads as well (i guess the Boogie cab helped with that) and everything sounded great and very much amp on the stage to me. at one point he also had this hammond organ like sound goin and if you closed your eyes it was damn close to a filthy John Lord sound.

    i really have to dig deeper into the FX and control sections at some point ... i'm still in the 'woah it sounds like all the amps' stage but will definitely have to take an excursion into the 'woah it sounds like the intergalactic fleet' territory

    i wonder how he's doing that without the editor, maybe he has acess to a VIP beta ?

    on a sidenote it was really nice for once to be in a concert where there was no one recording or taking pics with smartphones .. only at the encore a few people took some snaps. and the audience (as always with Herbie) wasn't particularly old fart jazz dudes but completely mixed sex/age wise so really nice surprise... maybe people will get tired of that stupid habit eventually. and that's probably why i couldn't find any good sounding clips on the web for it :)

    the gig was great btw, a bit challenging at times cause they didn't play a single 'song' (except for a super nicer version of actual proof and the obligatory headhunter encore) .. Herbie was just teasing lines from across all his stuff and then they went of into pretty crazzy freestyle bits with very many notes per second .. if i wanna listen to the hits i've seen him loads of time and got the CD's so all good for me but definitely not for the casual listener that gig :P


    free you mind and your ass will follow …

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  • Cool use of pitched delay. There’s a lot of great sounds you can make with FX but over time I’ve found myself using them less and less. For me they get in the way of my fingers attempts at expressiveness.

  • I saw an interview with him. He said he only uses a couple of patches ... Morgan AC 30 and another one. He likes to do a lot of percussive things with the guitar. I saw him use a custom acoustic where he played bass lines on it and acoustic guitar rtm/lead all jazz of course. HE used Kemper octaver for the bass parts. He said he looks for sounds that don't sound like guitar, he looks "for something different". It was a duet with Robert Glasper a killer jazz pianist. On this vid below he plays percussion, bass and guitar on guitar.

    Check Youtube: Robert Glasper Experiment & Lionel Loueke - Tribal Dance - LIVE At Itunes Festival 2012