[BigHairyGuitars] Black Friday Week -30% OFF Code: 19BFSALE

  • Hey everybody, 30% all profiles this week. I hope you enjoy!

    If you haven't visited the store lately, I'm sure there's something new to check out.

    BOGX - Based on the legendary Ecstasy head
    CARV100B - Based on Vai's Carvin tones, including Crossroads duel
    SOLD88 - Based on the epic 3ch preamp from Soldano
    BOGSIFH - Cantrell tones, Anthrax, Queensrynch, and killer studio tones
    ADAMP - Signature tones of the 80's!
    ADA45 - More amazing tones based on the MP-1
    EGGIE4 - Based on the versatile and refined studio beast from Egnater
    JMPRE - Based on Marshall's golden preamp box
    TRIX - Based on Boogie's Triaxis, with lots of JP Dream Theater love!
    UK800 / UK SILVER - The best Marshall profiles on the market, IMHO. Includes Zakk tones!
    Based on the "Jose Mod" style amps

    CUSTE+ - Lukather, Megadeth, studio tones galore!
    DMTR -
    Based on the rare and ultra vibey TGP-3. STP tones!!!

    LJ1000 - Early Zakk tones, and early 80's modded amp tones!
    GIANT3 -
    Based on Bog's 3ch preamp design

    KHQAATRO - Fat german tones... like Reb Beach and Kee Marcello!

    MBPRE - Based on classic studio tones from Boogie!

    RANDO - Based on solid state Randall rock tones!

    3MNKY - Based on class A botique amp tones

    DIAZ PXX - Based on tones from the man who dialed in SRV's amps

    SILVERTTWIN - garage and indie tones!

    SUPR - rock. rock. rock.

  • I picked up a few packs, the ADA bundle is especially sweet. Probably the most true to the original of the MP-1 packs I've tried. I spent quite a bit of time with it, on a Charvel Pro Mod San Dimas with a Tone Zone in the bridge, it was like a time machine back to the late 80s. I also bought the Henning pack, mainly for the Jose mod profile. It ended up being my least favorite against a lot of the 'rocket' profiles, there are a lot of great tones in there.