Headrush FRFR112 Vs Yamaha dxr10

  • I know this stuff gets talked to death but I haven't been able to find a direct comparison of these two speakers.

    I actually have the HR112 which I bought in a pinch for a gig. I have never really loved it though, especially at home where it sounds very boomy. I also find it is just a smidge scooped so misses out on some critical mid frequencies. To get the best out of it I need to dial the master bass control on my Kemper way down. This fixes the boominess but also leaves the tone a bit guttless.

    Does anyone have any experience of the dxr10 Vs the HR112? Any thoughts on whether it might work better?

    FYI, I also had a Laney IRT-x which, I think, sounded more natural than the HR112 but which didn't quite hold up at band volumes.


  • The boominess depends on the position of the monitor as well. If you have it on the floor you can expect a certain boominess. Lift it up (e.g. on a stand) and see/hear what happens.

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  • Thanks. I have tried that but unfortunately it's in a loft space so I can't lift it far from the ground.

    I was wondering if the dxr might have a slightly tighter sound.

  • No need to lift it far from the ground, about 2 feet (or 50-70 cm if you're coming from Europe) should be enough. Also keep it away from the room corners. If you already did all this, the issue is likely elsewhere. Maybe a 112 is oversized for your room. Some user here like the HR108...

    I could have farted and it would have sounded good! (Brian Johnson)

  • It's a big room but it's in the loft space (pitched ceilings) so hard to keep the speaker out of corners. This will undoubtedly be contributing to the issue but I'm wondering if the HR112 might be a tad bass heavy in the first place. Certainly my old 2x12" cabinet never had this much boominess in the same location.

    To be more specific, the higher gain tones aren't so bad but low/medium gain tones just seem to have way to much boom/bloom about them and become very muddy with poor definition (I've tried playing with the definition knob, just in case you're wondering).

    Obviously tons of great reviews on the DXR10 for Kemper but a lot of these are a few years old (prior to the HR112 release). I'm curious whether the anyone has compared them directly. Maybe the HR112 is genuinely similar to the DXR10. In that case, as you say, possibly the HR108 would be my better choice.


  • To be more specific, the higher gain tones aren't so bad but low/medium gain tones just seem to have way to much boom/bloom about them and become very muddy with poor definition

    This makes no sense to me. It is generally boomy or it is not. Maybe you're using the "wrong" profiles for low/medium gain tones or you should try different cab simulations. For example try the cab of a high gain tone with another profile of a low gain tone. What also comes to my mind is to check Clean Sens.

    I could have farted and it would have sounded good! (Brian Johnson)

  • I think the greater amount of high-mid energy in a cranked tone masks some of the boominess. It's still there but less objectionable.

    For example there's a Cream tone by TAF that comes with the factory rigs (sunshine of your love type tone) that I'd say is low gain . Sounds epic in headphones or through my monitor speakers but is awful through the HR112.

    I totally agree it will be a speaker/room interaction thing but I'm guessing some speakers my be less prone to this.

    Boominess aside though, I do feel that there is a slightly scooped tone to the HR112 that detracts from the 'amp in the room' tone. Wondering if the DXR might be better in that regard.


  • I have both and to me they are both kind of boomy/bass heavy...I only use the headrush now since I find it a little less harsh in the upper mids but you can get a good sound out of both with the right profile..

  • That's really helpful, thanks!

    It does seem that the enthusiasm for the venerable DXR10 tailed off a little after the HR112 came out. From what you are saying, it sounds like it may be of similar quality/character for less money.

    In that case, maybe I already have as decent a speaker as I'm likely to find without springing for a CLR.

    That said, I do see a lot of love for the two HR108 setup at the moment.....

  • There’s a “Headrush FRFR” thread here (same forum) that has two different users with HR 12’s that died unexpectedly soon. One replaced with an EV that he preferred the sound of, not sure what the other user did.... but the ‘cause of death’ was never determined.

  • I tried the usual suspects but ended up with the Headrush 112. Really love it. I do place it on a speaker stand at home to get rid of the boominess and then it sounds very natural to me. In fact, I don't think the boominess is a flaw of the speaker per se, any proper speaker would cause more resonance when placed on or close to the floor or in a corner, the majority of those lows in fact aren't necessarily produced by the speaker itself.

    So I use two of the 112's at home, both on speaker stands at ear level. When I stand in the middle the sound is absolutely amazing, especially when using stereo effects like the chorus or tremolo. When gigging live I always put one of the 112's in my car and I use it when I don't have my own wedge or when there's no qualified FOH or monitor engineer around so that I'm not depending on someone else to hear myself.

    I would love for Headrush to include a low-cut filer on an MKII release to reduce some of the resonance when using the speaker as an angled wedge though :-)