Monitor out as loop send

  • Hooking my Kemper up in a studio setting, I'd like the option to use the direct out to record the clean DI signal with no AD/DA taking place. But I also use a few pedals in a loop. Is it possible to assign for instance the monitor out as the loop send? That would really be awesome!

  • The PROFILER Stage offers two SENDs. One can be used to pick an unprocessed signal, the other for an effect loop.

    Have you tried to record from the MONITOR OUTPUT with source "Git+Processing"? Is there a practical difference other than latency, that you might have to compensate.

  • Hi, Burkhard!

    i guess I could do it that way. The only problem (!) I have is that my interface «on-the-go» has these stupid combi-jacks. Using a TS-cable is just Hi-Z input only, not the correct line level. Not a problem if the right cable or adapter (i.e. TS to XLR) is available but otherwise not so practical. It works, but it’s not right. :saint:

    Another feature request that perhaps would be better, is the option to spilt the main out so it has the same option as spdif: Git studio and master mono. It would give two XLR out for those moments. :)