Looper in Profiler Stage

  • Press the looper switch, that puts it in looper mode.

    Press the first footswitch to record, press it again to end the loop.

    To stop, press the second footswtich.

    To delete what you recorded press the second foots twitch 3 times in a row.

    Press the first to play.

    Press the first again to record an overlay.

    You can set it to be before or after the amp via the system settings. Putting it before will allow you to change the patch to try different sounds. To do that you press the looper switch again to get out of looper mode and then navigate through your rigs as usual.

    This is not a comprehensive guide but enough to get you started.

  • All works well unless your buttons are messed up... it drove me batty till I figured out the 1sf button itself was failing. Currently awaiting my second stage to arrive as I sent the original one back due to a hardware issue. Cant wait! Went back to my POD for awhile and it’s looper is no where near the KPA version...