Anyone using a windows 10 tablet for rig manager?

  • I’m 51 and have worn glasses for short sightedness for years, but in recent times my near view is falling rapidly.

    I was in the camp of I don’t need no stinking editor, I’ve owned the Kemper since soon after release and know it backwards.

    So times have changed and I now use a magnifying glass to edit 🥺am now patiently awaiting the editor.

    I require a portable solution, a tablet would be ideal, I have a IPad Pro which since the dedicated OS has just about removed my need for a desk or lap top machine, but alas I doubt I’ll see an iOS editor in my lifetime😔

    I hardly touched a windows machine in years but it may be the answer.

    So do any of you used a windows tablet fo rig manager?, any suggestions, any problems?, I’ve been eying of some used Microsoft surface 3’s that can be had for a reasonable price but really have no idea.