multi amp., multi cab

  • But that way, I need to record a track on the daw. I mean playing in real time using 2 amps or 2 cabs, as the axe fx does, for example

    If you set one into channel 1 and the other into channel 2, then you send the output of the interface to the kemper. You would have to split your guitar signal into both amps. Basically you have to trick the kemper into thinking you only have one

  • Hello, I would love to release a firmware with which you can put 2 different rigs, at least 2 amps and / or 2 cabs, and be able to pan right / left without having to record.
    Also, a stereo mode

    Kemper has said that stereo rigs cannot be done with the current Kemper's hardware. So keemarcello, what you want cannot be done with a single Kemper.

    You can make a unified profile of that kind of setup now. You only need to an audio interface to combine the return signal.

    Why do you need an audio interface? A hardware mixer will combine the signal from two amps. That removes the need for a DAW.

    The guitar signal is split before the two amps. The mixer output is mono. It sums input 1 and 2.

    Keeping the two amps' microphones isolated from one another would be problematic. Bleed between the two mics would be difficult to control.

    Note that you can only do a Studio Profile here. You cannot do a Direct Amp Profile, which uses an approved direct box to feed the Kemper's input for profiling. That is because a DAP requires the speaker output from the amp to be fed through the Direct Box into the Kemper. The Kemper can handle that high energy signal. You cannot send a speaker level signal into a mixer without overdriving the mixer's input to the point of potential damage. And according to Kemper, attenuating the signal before it feeds the mixer input would negatively affect the profiling process.

    The above setup will not let you pan left and right between two rigs representing two amps. It will combine the sound of the two amps creating a mono rig that is a blend of the two amps.

    To do left/right panning between two amps you need two Kempers. Each can load its own profile.

    To pan between each you'd still need to send each Kemper's output to a hardware mixer, one to each side of a stereo channel. Then you could pan between the two rigs using the mixer's pan pot for the stereo channel. Note that on a stereo channel, the pan pot actually controls left/right balance. So this setup would allow you to morph from one rig to another.