Finished first tour with CRYSTAL VIPER (drumcam videos etc)

  • Finally home from my first mini-tour with Crystal Viper as their new drummer!!

    We had one quick rehearsal in Poland (with only one of guitarists) and then we did all this...

    I have seldom in the past had the pleasure to work with such talents.

    They are all top-class at singing, guitar or bass!

    Here's a video from the first gig, showing two of my favorite songs to perform, one including a little drum solo at 8:46 :flex:

    I thought my snare broke, but the wires did keep coming lose for some reason, never had that issue for the 15 years I've had, and first song and first gig with CV of course it starts to shit with me :lol: anyway I could borrow a snare from opening band Kilmara instead.

    Here's some of my own GoPro drumcam videos!

    This is my favorite song because I can summon my inner Jörg Michael in it:flex:

    This is also a very Jörg Michael-ish song.

    And this one is really fun to play too (just like every other song of course)

    Sorry if this is not allowed because nobody in the band is currently using Kempers :saint::saint::saint::saint::saint: