Add morph settings to MIDI CC 50-54

  • It would be practical to be able to handle morph-state for the performance-slot being loaded with CC 50-54. The MIDI documentation for the KPA specify 1 as the only possible parameter to these CCs. There are situations where it would make sense to use the parameter to control morph. Currently when setting perf/slot via MIDI from a song-database-app the current approach even lead to unwanted behaviour when two consecutive songs in the list are set to use the same perf/slot and the second attempt to activate the slot instead activates morph. This is the desired behaviour when stepping an extra time on the remote's slot-select-switches, but not always via MIDI.

    I don't know if it makes sense to be able to use MIDI to set morph in %. Something with a minimum effect on the current behavior may be better:

    One could for example implement the following attribute-values for CC 50-54

    • 0: morph off
    • 1: morph toggle (if current slot is selected again)
    • 2: morph on