Delay Settings for other types than Single Delay

  • When i select simple delay i get shown all parameters (Mix etc) directly.

    However, when i select Dual Delay I dont get to see the delay parameters?

    How can I with simple delay selected just change to dual delay and still see mix note value feedback etc?

  • I have no clue, how you could possibly change the effect type from Single Delay to Dual Delay and not see the delay parameters. Those are hard-coded in the OS and cannot disappear. By the way you never see all parameters simultaneously. These are spread across several pages. Use the <PAGE> buttons.

  • Of course i tried the page button. When I hit it after selecting the Dual Delay the menu changes to Reverb instead of showing Dual Delay Parameters. Every once in a while it does show parameters. I'd like to understand what might be the reason.

  • It appears you are selecting another effect type via the TYPE knob, but not loading it using Load Type and Auto Type is switched off.

    Such basics are described in the manual. All aspects of effect selection are described right on the very first pages of the Main Manual in chapter Rigs and Signal Chain.