Rig Manager 3 is available for testing ?

  • How to use editor on unsupported OS - you can try virtualization ...

    Windows 7 users

    1. install Windows 10 as virtual machine (client) into VMWare Player program (free for personal use)

    2. Install Rig Manager inside Win10 VM.

    I haven't try this yet with RM, but every piece of the software on the planet i tried is working inside VM. Virtualization is a very reliable solution.

    On Mac, or as alternative to windows VMWare, you can use free VirtualBox virtualization software.

    edit: haven't checked VMWare Win7 host compatibility, sorry, maybe you'll need older version of VMWare player or find other virtualization software, which is Win7 host compatible.


    Guys, I want you all to raise a glass tonight to Timo, Arne, Oskar, Georg and Jan. Without them, Rig Manager 3 wouldn't finally be here.

    Best, GS

    Thaks to you all. I've not loaded it yet but going to give it a go today I think!

    You guys have taken a lot of moaning and negative comments from the community but take that as pure passion for the product.

    Have a great christmas! OD's to work on next :)

  • Today is St. Nicholas' Day in Germany ....

    I'll take it. 8)

    My advice to the vision-impaired dude last week to hold out and not bother with purchasing MIDI interfacing in order to use Toast ME doesn't seem that silly now, does it guys? I copped a bit of criticism for that, so, as they say... just sayin'... :saint: :D


    Guys, I want you all to raise a glass tonight to Timo, Arne, Oskar, Georg and Jan. Without them, Rig Manager 3 wouldn't finally be here.

    Best, GS

    Thank you so much to the coders and all the rest of the team, and let's not forget G String, the MC of this event. It's not customary for MC's to name themselves when crediting band members, so let's raise a glass to the coders, G String, Don, Hans, Peter, Burkhard, dw, Helge, jeireff, kpahuitsing, mountainman, Oliver, Philip, soulbreeder and Volker as well.

    I'm sure I would've missed a few I've spotted in the forum and some I named may not be with the company anymore, and who knows who's behind-the-scenes, but nevertheless, honestly, I feel I can speak on behalf of my fellow Kemperites by saying that you guys are our rock stars. :love:

    Long live Kemper! 8):thumbup:


    I'm sure I would've missed a few...

    Indeed, after I posted I realised I'd forgotten the most-important person of all - Christoph!

    I've been helping my dad move to temp accommodation due to his having hit the financial wall and it's been 3 days of bezerk "activity", but I'll have my fellow Kemperites know that checking whether or not I named Christoph has been eating away at me all day today and I couldn't wait to get home and correct the post if need be. Stuffed as I was after the full day of running around yesterday, there's no excuse for forgetting to thank the man himself last night, the creator behind our beasties that've brought us so much joy over the years.

    Christoph, my man, we all salute you, brother. :thumbup:

  • Similar issue for me. RM 3.0 wont open, using macOS 10.15. My error message text is slightly different but same end result. I’ve restarted several times, uninstalled, reinstalled, and updated macOS to the latest version.


    ya I did exactly the same. Crashing on open. Not even getting to the loading menu. I guess we shall have to wait till the next beta version.

  • tried the beta yest running on my tiny win 10 netbook. bi-directional connectivity & syncing between KPA and RM is working fine.

    i love the editor right from the start. great tool. thx again to kemper! good job.

    but my studio env is set up upon win 7 and running very stable for years now. the main reason for not upgrading to a higher version is the dependency to my motu 24i + pci324 audio interface combination (which btw is high quality and still great to work with. unfortunately motu decided not to maintain the 324 drivers anymore. i finally managed to run it on win 7 working around some obstacles. this is an effective way to force people to spend money and switch to the 424 solution...)

    i'm about to install win10 within vmware right now. let's see...