Rig Manager 3 is available for testing ?

  • Chaps Im still struggling

    Installed 7.1.7

    installed rig manager 3./

    Both load up, no errors but can't see each other. Changed cables and get a windows noise when cable is removed or added so I don't think its hardware. Anyone else got this?

    My install wouldn't sync rigs/performances. I uninstalled RM3, rebooted PC, then re-installed RM3. That fixed my issue.

    Best of luck!

  • Hey guys. Does anyone know if this will run on a windows 10 tablet with USB? I was wondering if I could get a super cheap used Windows tablet and attach it to a mic stand for live tweaking. Thanks.

    I'm using a super cheep "CHUWI HI13" we use this also to control the inear monitoring system , but maybe there a new modles out there.

    check this out


  • Editor won’t save to profilers performance slots using the editors save to button. I can save on my stage and the editor is talking to it... but won’t save via the editor. I’ve had a couple Stage users confirm this.

  • Man I just love the editor, it makes me want to change parameters I never bothered touching ! Also gives a nice overview of what's happening in a rig. Is it possible to change cabs or did I miss it ?

    2 things , I'd love to put the focus on the editor and see the rig manager as the main purpose :) and I don't see the headphone output on the output section ! Or am I missing this as well ?

    Oh and while I'm at it , if you scroll trough rigs on the editor using the arrow keys , it wouls be nice it was selected immediately instead of needing an aditional mouse click ;-)

    Anyway big thanks to the kemper team to make the best thing even better !


  • For me on Windows 8.1 64 bit the issue is with the new rigeditor.dll which is the new dll added that allows the new editor functions

    when i removed this from the new 3.0rm install directory then it loads up fine but of course without the new editing features :(

    Otherwise for me it just crashes and will not open up.

    Please fix this issue.

  • Hi Chris,

    I've followed a few 'How to' guides trying to resolve it including modifying a couple of files in the registry. All without luck.

    It doesn't specify a dll, just that one is missing.

    Error: "There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A DLL required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor"

  • I'm having issues dragging effects into my presets library. When I try to drag a treble booster (for example) into my local preset library I get an error saying, "Import has failed. Rig Manager didn't find any suitable files to import. This happens if the items are unknown or damaged."

  • Hey, Chu.

    I would recommend getting in touch with Kemper and including the specifics on the version of Windows that you're currently running, i.e. the build, etc. rather than just "Windows 10". It'll help them with debugging.

    You might have uncovered something in the installer that they can address, solving your problem and keeping others from experiencing it.

  • At the moment there is just one feature I would appreciate: to change the values manually (digit the numbers under the knobs) and not just turning the knobs virtually. If this is the only way I feel more accurate with the real knobs on the unit.

    I’m missing something?
  • Actually it kind of is.

    Actually, no it's not.

    EOL support from Microsoft does NOT make it obsolete... just unsupported by the author.

    It doesn't suddenly stop working, and there is plenty of software available that still runs just fine on it.

    I suspect the new RM would probably run just fine on it as well.

    BTW, according to this article Windows by the numbers:

    "Windows 7's share closed the month at 26.9% of all PCs and 31.2% of those powered by Windows."

    "If that fraction, slightly more than one-fourth, doesn't seem substantial, maybe 417,000,000 does; that's the estimated number of Windows 7 PCs represented by the 27.8%."

  • To be honest windows 7 is over 10 years old. You wouldn’t want your phone to be that old you’d be on an Apple iPhone 3GS or an old shite Nokia.

    Also and using the same analogy you’d be on kemper OS 1 (If the tech was even invented by then).

    I suppose something just move on?

  • In this day EOL also means no updates and lack of security updates will put a system at risk. I work in the disaster recovery field and I for one would not recommend running a system that touches the internet on an OS that is EOL.