Distortion sense / active pickup query

  • Hi all, I was wondering whether should I be lowering the distortion sense in the input section and locking it when using EMG's with commerical profiles that were made with passives? My main guitar has EMG Fat 55 RetroActive Humbuckers which were mainly fitted to reduce noise.

    I'm finding that I prefer the sound at home through my Laney LFR-112 with the distortion sense set to around -3db to -6db dependant upon the provider. And I was wondering if this was normal and also whether this was likely to work in a live environment too? Unfortunately I don't have a lot of time to fiddle with Kemper settings at rehearsals.

  • What you're doing is right because compensating the overall amount of distortion for different pickups is exactly the purpose of dist sens. On the other hand you don't seem to like a fixed value for dist sens. And because of this it's maybe more convenient to lower/raise the gain of each profile for compensating.

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  • Yes! Exactly what I do.

    I have one electric guitar that has a lot more output than the others, so I have an Input preset called SG2000 just for that one.

    Plus I have separate ones for bass and acoustic.

  • Yeah, different input presets is another good approach. But if you're playing live and changing guitars it might be a little inconvenient to change the input preset too.

    I could have farted and it would have sounded good! (Brian Johnson)