Rig Manager 3.0 Beta Release Discussion Thread

  • Yep, would like to see 1, 2 and 3 implemented for sure.

  • I had the same problem in Win 10. I had to open RM as admin, then it worked.

  • good news but I'm too afraid to install the rig manager 3 beta... guess I wait a bit longer.
    But what I noticed on my rig manager 2.14, I can't change the order of the performances anymore :(
    before I could move them up and down and get my favourite rigs on top...
    Any idea?

  • 1 - Ability to select the amp through pull down list, like with the effects

    2 - Ability to select the cab through pull down list, like with the effects

    The pull down list is the list of effect types - NOT the effect presets.

    You can just select "All Presets", sort by type and drag&drop all your amps and cabs directly to the amp and cab sections in the editor below.

  • First of all thank you very much to everyone at Kemper for this editor. I was a bit skeptical (to say the least) of their willingness to release it this year, but i must admit i was wrong all along. And the amount of features in this present iteration is very satisfying. So thank you again.
    Now i have a few requests to make .
    1°) The one feature i have always liked in RM is the ability, once you have selected a rig to preview on the profiler, to go to the next rig with the up and down arrow keys. This feature seems to be missing in RM 3 : when you press up and down, the cursor goes up and down, but the playing rig doesn't move. I guess the problem could be if there were unsaved changes that could be lost, but in this case there should be a dialog asking to save the rig.
    2°) I have difficulties reading the actual knobs on my 24 inches monitor on windows. I have to bend near the screen to be able to see them. I wonder if the contrast could be somehow improved (i know there is a theme setting, but it's not enough), or if there could be the possibility to change the font. Actually, i find the Kemper display easier to read than the editor.

    3°) I have trouble enabling the stomps. The logical way (at least for me) would be to double click on the stomp icon, but you have choosen to make it a simple click. That would be fine but it doesn't seem to work everytime, depending on the selected state (?). For me a double click would make it more predictable.

    That's all for now, thank you.

  • Great job, the editor works on MacOS although I had some issues with the device getting out of sync with RM3 which requires me to disconnect the usb cable and restart RM3. It's a rare issue though and it might be related to my using of a USB hub.


    1. Undo/Redo functionality

    2. Select presets for stomps from a list

    3. Select cab/amp from a list

    Great job, again!

  • Regarding Undo …., have you tried right click on a parameter edited?

  • Requests:

    1. Use mouse wheel to edit parameters.

    2. Double click a parameter to be able to type in the param value.

    3. Ctrl + double click a parameter to select the default value.

    4. The ability to copy an effects block to the clipboard and then paste it into another profile.

    5. Drag a profile to the Cabinet block to use the cab from this profile and/or have a "Use Cabinet" on the right-click popup menu.

  • number 1 - is already there.

    number 3 - is available by right clicking

    number 4 - also there - if you drag and drop fx/amp/speaker blocks to your "presets /local library" - then change preset and drag them into the new preset. (the tonejunkie youtube vid shows this really well)

    The ability to do this is hugely powerful - take elements from any profile and mix/match them - awesome !!

  • Well, my Stage just froze up while trying to save a performance via RM. Did a reboot and gave me the dreaded "Please contact support" green screen when trying bring up the same performance preset. So that performance preset slot is now corrupted somehow.

    Just quoting myself to indicate I keep getting locked up when trying to save a performance via RM. Anyone else experiencing this?

    Also, a bug where some rigs are not appearing in the folders I previously set up. The number of rigs is still counted though. See below there are 72 rigs in the folder as counted but they don't appear.

  • I can't extend (change the height) of the editor section window on win10. On os x this is possible.

    I don't know if it is a bug or intended differences between systems.


    Looks like a small bug. After RM starts you cannot change this height.

    You have to minimalize and maximize editor section with bottom left arrow . After this it is working like it should.

  • Trying to move a performance in performance mode using the rigmanger.

    Moving a Performance by drag and drop in rigmanger from position 8 to 15.

    After moving, the performance list shows Position 15, on the lower right corner ist says save to position 16.

    On KPA it shows position 16, when I store it the Position 16 is overwritten. So I lost a performance.

    If you move vom a higher number to a lower (eg. 15 to 7) everything works correct.

    Can some one double check this.

    I used Windows and Mac Version.